Ultima modifica: 16 Gennaio 2020

Il Romero diventa eTwinning School!

Grazie anche alla instancabile attività della prof.ssa Locatelli, il Romero ottiene il prestigioso riconoscimento di eTwinning School Label 2018-2019.

Ecco il testo che annuncia alla scuola il riconoscimento ottenuto:

Dear Laura Locatelli 

Congratulations on the success of your school obtaining the award of the eTwinning School Label 2018- 2019. It is a great achievement by all the eTwinning team in your school and an example to all schools in the eTwinning Community. 
The official announcement will be made on the eTwinning.net Portal this week. There will be an special press release about the award at European level and the news will also be on the Erasmus + Facebook page. 
The eTwinning School Label (here attached) may be used by you on your website, your profile, publications etc. 
Around the same time a special pack will come to your school with some special items in it for both teachers and pupils. 
Once again congratulations as the first set schools to receive this new award, a wonderful achievement 
The eTwinning Team

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